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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


18 October 2011
Today is kinda havoc~

I came home at 0000 hours yesterday, I slept at 0030 due to some arranging stuff to do tomorrow.
I wake up at 0830 by my housemate knocks on my door. This overslept is due to my cramp on my right thigh...

Why you ask???
Well for me by waking on a wrong time in the dead of night due to pain makes my time alignment go haywire...
Did you know that I asked my housemate, what day this day is because I was puzzled why did she woke me up on a Saturday morning....
When she said Tuesday, my whole system rebooted and I had a system meltdown cause I have about like 30 minute till the bus arrive and my class start at 0900~

(This was my mental state for the 30 minute that I took to get ready to take the bus.)
But the damn lovely bus drove at 0805-0810 and the trip to the main campus took about 20 - 25 minutes...
Thus I was late about 30 minute when I entered the class.

Later that day I have an assignment that I have to pass up before today meaning by that day I have to finish it and give it to her before I went home.

Plus I need to settle things with the books that I ordered for the whole class at CENTER FOR LANGUAGES AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT which are located a few meters away from my freaking magnificent faculty (Faculty of Information Technology and Communication)...
Here's the map of my main campus~
And they wont let me carry those books by myself (by the way, there were like 46 books. XD)
I had 2 guys from my class to help me to carry those books to our next class while I, carrying the extra 6 books went to print out my current system development assignment.
I ran at each moment that my asthmatic self would let me~
And at 1230 everything was settled...
I went to lunch by borrowing my friend's money (RM 10).
It cost me RM 8.50 for a ala' carte fried mee +chicken half breast+a fried and sambal egg, syrup, and a take away syrup...
Well that was my breakfast, lunch and dinner...
I got a stomach ache during my math lab~
That maybe due to sudden intake of food...
=_=; (evil stomach~)
I got home at 1835...
Went to check the Cyber Cafe...
Nobody was there...
I cant remember the work duty just yet...
Even I, myself cant remember my own shift~
Well I had a Maggi Goreng for supper...
Then one of my course mate who joined 'SUKSIS' came knocking and gave me a left over food from their meeting...
If I would know sooner, I wont eat my maggi...
And I can save it for another day~

And my day end as I write this post...
Well, Good Night then~

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Islam is for me~

Islam is for me~
الله اكبر الله اكبر
Allah is Great, Allah is Great
الله اكبر كبيرا
Allah is the Greatest
والحمد لله كثيرا
And All praise be to Allah
وسبحان الله بكرة وأصيلا
And glory be to him morning and evening.
ولا اله الا الله وحده
And There is no god but Allah, alone
صدق وعده ونصر عبده وأعز جنده وهزم الاحزاب وحده
He was true to His promise, He granted victory to His follower, He supported His group, And He conquered the parties of evil all by Himself.
لا اله الا الله
There is no god but Allah.
ولا نعبد الا اياه مخلصين له الدين ولو كره الكافرون
we worship no one but Him, we will sincerely follow the religion for Him,
Even against the wishes of the unbelievers.