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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mad-Dy-Call Che-kik Up-Sy-Daisy~???

I'll be entering Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka this September~
There is a huge blocking stone upon my path.
Mad-Dy-Call Che-Kik Up-Sy-Daisy is my term for the demonic Medical Check Up... icon_sweatdrop.gif
Because it consisted of drawing blood, my blood.
My hand still feels the sting of the needle poking through the skin while typing this...

Well let's get back to the main story here,

Yeah, so today I went to a clinic to go and get my MCU...
It was a nice morning,
We got there on car with my Dad,
Dad did the registration thingy,
Waited a while for the 'nurse' to call us,
The nurse called us,
I entered the doctor's 'work space', I mean room,
Sat down near him,
Took out the medical form provided by the University,
He checked what has to be done and start checking me up, ermm... medically... XD
He took my...
blood pressure (100/70, is it normal???),
pulse (78/min, is it normal too???),
weight (secret, XD),
height (It seems I've gotten taller by 0.6 cm, 165.6 cm)...

Then come the main reason for this post,
The blood test...

As for the people who know me,
I'm afraid of needle but medically only, cuz I still can sew...
As you would imagine, yes, I struggle before admitting defeat to the needle...
The blood will be sent to a lab with my urine test.
I do not wist to elaborate on that, it's disgusting to retell it.
It will probably take about 2 or 3 days time for the results...
Wait for my next entry about it.

Next was the X-ray,
Because I'm a woman (yeah right, more like a cry baby),
They gave me a shirt for hospital patients, the one that you have to tie at the back and feels very breezy too.
The nurse help tie it up for me,
They ask me to take everything of except for trousers, or the bottom half, so it wasnt so breezy after all.

The process of doing a X-ray was kinda funny for my experience cuz I'll be exposing my self to a kinda unnecessary radiation for my opinion. (I studied physic during high school and it was my favorite subject)

First the doctor have other patients to tend to so I was ordered to wait a bit while I was changing,
While I was waiting for the doctor,
The nurse in charge of me gave me a crash course on X-ray,
You have to take a very very deep air into your lungs to expand it, stay very close to the board and put your hands on your behind mostly on the hips.
It was very funny the way she demonstrate it,
Although I didnt laugh it off out it the open, it would be too cruel...
So, the doctor was finish with his other patient.
He came in and complained to the nurse of why hasnt she on-ed the machine,
So he prep things up like putting a board that contain a film that will capture the radiation image.
And also gave me a course on X-ray with his own way of demonstration, it was also very funny...
The doctor told me to hold my breath and closes the door,

This is the funny part, a few second after he closes the door then the nurse said it was done.
I was so dumb struck by the quick test and just went to change back to my cloth.
I didnt tell this to Dad cuz he's already mad enough that I struggle during the blood extraction.
So I just laugh it off by myself.
So, afterward...
Dad paid the bills of RM 120 for the whole thing and we went back home while he kept on teasing me of being a scardy-cat about a needle in the car...
He's going to keep on repeating this non-stop until he's not that pissed off of me anymore...
Save me...
That's all folk, until next time...

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Islam is for me~

Islam is for me~
الله اكبر الله اكبر
Allah is Great, Allah is Great
الله اكبر كبيرا
Allah is the Greatest
والحمد لله كثيرا
And All praise be to Allah
وسبحان الله بكرة وأصيلا
And glory be to him morning and evening.
ولا اله الا الله وحده
And There is no god but Allah, alone
صدق وعده ونصر عبده وأعز جنده وهزم الاحزاب وحده
He was true to His promise, He granted victory to His follower, He supported His group, And He conquered the parties of evil all by Himself.
لا اله الا الله
There is no god but Allah.
ولا نعبد الا اياه مخلصين له الدين ولو كره الكافرون
we worship no one but Him, we will sincerely follow the religion for Him,
Even against the wishes of the unbelievers.